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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers provide customers with a speedy and reliable all-in-one solution: both hardware and network connectivity out of the box. As an established corporate internet hosting services provider, Fragnetics is able to offer you not only a cost-competitive solution but also one with high available/uptime and unparallelled service and support.

Our servers are equipped with RAID and housed in a world-class Internet Data Centre in Singapore, making them the platform of choice for several companies to host secure, mission-critical applications. Because of our location (internet connectivity) and infrastructure, we have become the provider of choice for companies targeting the South-East Asian countries. Amongst corporate clients, our wide customer base spans users from resellers to online businesses to even brick-and-mortar companies who simply "leave it all to us".

Fragnetics Dedicated Server packages include all of the following:

  • Server System Hardware, including CPU, Ram, Hard Drives, etc
  • Software: Operating Systems (Linux), Web server software, Database server software, etc
  • Rack space in a world-class Internet Data Centre (Equinix IBX), backed up by redundant power to ensure high uptime and availability
  • Dedicated Bandwidth (shared bandwidth also included), in addition to the physical internet connection
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring, backed by our terms and conditions.
  • Bonus 3 hours / month server support to assist you to install and configure your server (worth $25 an hour) - this service not provided by other providers!
  • Dedicated servers come with the tried-and-tested Linux OS (Debian) by default, and as an extra service to our customers, we can even install and support other software, including the popular Apache web server and Database Server (mysql). Our server administrators themselves are also web developers and can thus assist in the set up of the environment for you to work in. Other options include CPANEL or the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, which are available at an extra cost - just ask!

    Pricing Plans

    Dedicated Starter


    P4 3.0Ghz Processor


    1024MB Ram


    2 * 300GB Hard Disk


    1 Dedicated IP


    Dedicated 0.5Mbps Connection burstable to 100Mbps Shared Bandwidth



    Premium Dedicated


    Core-2 Duo Processor


    2048MB Ram


    2 * 500GB Hard Disk


    2 Dedicated IPs


    Dedicated 1Mbps Connection burstable to 100Mbps Shared Bandwidth



    Dedicated Ultimate


    Core-2 Quad Processor


    4096MB Ram


    2 * 500GB Hard Disk


    2 Dedicated IPs


    Dedicated 1.5Mbps Connection burstable to 100Mbps Shared Bandwidth



    * Setup fees applicable for contracts with periods of less than 6 months.
    Take advantage of our no-setup-fee promotion by signing up for a minimum of 6 months!

    Fragnetics dedicated server price plans are flexible and highly customizable - we can build a dedicated server to your preference!
    Simply get in touch with us or your account manager today to begin.

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